About us


About us

Our company has been active in the footwear industry, spescialising in shoe soles for more than 60 years.We use top quality materials in TR – PVC – TPU and also light TR and light PVC in one and two color injection soles .

We ship worldwide and we offer fast response production .

Who We Are

Low angle view of male legs with hiking shoes walking on a gravel country road alongisde green cornfield growing in the summer.

Our factory is located in Athens – Greece. We are a family business with 60 years of experience in the production of shoe soles . 

We produce women soles having continuously increasing variety of models for every shoe style.In recent years we have expanded into men and children soles.

We are constantly renewing and releasing new models following the latest trends.

We specialize in producing women’s shoe soles in TR – PVC – TPU.